Sunday, July 1, 2012

Faith of a Weed...

I used to hate weeds...all of I respect them...heck, we even eat some...going green makes you do all kinds of neat (weird) things. :)  The other day, as we sat an intersection in traffic, I noticed a weed growing in the road...

It made me think of the tenacity of this little weed. It does not belong here. It should not be here. The conditions for good growth really are not present in this location. Yet, here it is...all the midst of traffic and pollution and cars and cement and heat.

Mustard in itself is a type of weed for all intensive purposes. This weed has faith. It has tenacity. It is determined to grow and persevere - against the odds. It is in this world, but definitely does not belong in it where it stands.

I feel like the weed. I need to be more like the weed. I need to always have the tenacity and faith of this weed. I need to grow like this weed. This is my prayer.