Wednesday, June 19, 2013

All in one day...Yep!

What does a homeschooling mommy do when the child is away and the hubby is at work?!?!?  :)

I made a birdbath. 

And, then I dropped it.

Then I spent the next 2+ hours cleaning up shards from all over the floor of 6 rooms of my house where it all splattered to...  :/

I built a raised bed from wood scraps. The compost was turned to add to the bottom. The chicken coop was swept for nitrogen fodder. Soil was added to the top. Six heirloom variety tomato cuttings that had rooted were planted. Trellises were added.
I played with the dog and she enjoyed the water hose in the heat quite a bit. :)

I gathered cucumbers and one zucchini from the gardens.

I canned 6 jars of garlic pickes and 2 pints of dilly beans.

Goldfish and algae eaters were added to the rainbarrels.

I had to move the broody chicken to be able to collect the eggs.

All the plants were checked for deer damage. She ate most of one hydrangea bush I just planted, some of another, and the last one looks like it was mainly partially spared. 

After I finished teaching my course for the night, the dogs provided entertainment in a game of tug.


  1. Oh! When I saw the first picture I sighed, "What a beautiful birdbath!" and by the second picture: "Oh! no!"
    God bless you! Letitia.

  2. Ešte sa chcem opýtať: Mohla by som tvoj obrázok použiť na mojom blogu?
    Chcem vyhlásiť súťaž o napájadlo, a chcela by som ťa tam zapojiť, napriek tomu, že vaše napájadlo prežilo tak krátko. Ak vyrobíte ďalšie, môžete sa pridať znovu. :)

    Still want to ask: Could I use your picture on my blog?
    I want to declare the competition for bird-bath, and I would like to join you there, despite the fact that your bird-bath survived only briefly. If you produce more, you can add it again. :)

  3. Letitia,
    You can use the picture of the birdbath on yuor blog?? Thanks,