Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wandering Jew...

These are pieces of ivy that I am rooting to transplant and pot soon. The green ivy is from a plant I have at home. The purple and green striped leaf ivy is one that was thrown away, discarded, left unwanted.

On the trip to Home Depot to buy the rain gutters for the rain barrel project recently, I walked through the garden center. There were two pieces of this striped ivy laying on the concrete flooring. It was somewhat withered. It was left laying to just die.

Yes, I understand that the people that work at HD don't have time to be concerned about a few leaves or a simple piece of ivy that falls from a larger plant to the floor. I felt different. I felt compelled to pick it up and save it. The worker saw me and sort of made a face. Anyhow, I brought it home and put it in the jar with my piece of ivy to root as well. I did not know the name of the type of ivy.

This past week, I was at a friend's house to gather our produce co-op foods. My friend had some of the same ivy rooting in her windowsill as well. I asked if she knew the name/type. She told me it was called "Wandering Jew."

It made me think of the Jewish nation. They wandered about walking to their home. It was taken from them. They were/are abused, trampled upon, cast aside, left to whither and die. But, the Hebrew people are of strong stock. They are resilient. A little bit of sun and water and time to heal and they grow strong. They rebound. They start to grow roots.

At first the roots may be little and small and seem to be not so significant. But once they are planted firmly somewhere, the root takes hold. The Hebrew will grow and multiply and make a home where once they were not wanted, but have always really belonged.

And now, each time in my kitchen, I glance to the window and look at the Wandering Jew and smile as it takes a short rest in the water and sun. I smile as I know it is building roots. I smile to know it will be transplanted soon and become strong again.

It will be resilient and bounce back, strong and hearty...all because I cared enough to pick it up and carry it home. The Hebrews are resilient and will bounce always rebound, strong and hearty in the grace and love of the Lord.

I like my Wandering Jew!

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