Friday, February 8, 2013

endeavors and blessings!!

been a baking/cooking machine today...made an apple yum yum and homemade pizza for dinner. made some banana bread for my younger son's homeschool social group tomorrow.

tomorrow my neighbor and her junior league are taking some children from the children's home to the marionette theater. i made some banana muffins for them to have. :0) yummy!! 

since i will be gone next week to the lda conference, i know my hubby and children will not be huge on cooking the veggies bought from the farmers' market and produce co-op. my younger son boiled all the corn after i shucked it. i flashed rinsed it and froze it for later. we flash froze the cauliflower as well. tomorrow i flash freeze the zucchinis. i am thinking of either eating the cucumbers or pickling them tomorrow. i am not sure what to do with the kale. i have 1.5 bundles of it. i thought of making crockpot apple and pear butter to use those up and canning the this weekend. i do not want then to go bad. 

i harvested some sweet red bell seeds today. i wanted to plant the sweet potato and red potato eyes today. it rained all day, so that did not happen.

i was able to get out for a short while today in the yard...i think i like doing so, as it is an avoidance for me to grade papers for the classes i adjunct online. ???? maybe???  the shitake mushrooms are starting to sprout. the leeks are sprouting. the onions and lettuce are growing well. the snow peas are sprouting. the cabbage and kale and garlic is growing. i love it!!

the lemon trees are getting huge and the orange sapling are doing so well!

from the american seed alliance, someone is sending me luffa gourd seeds. i am so excited about these. someone else is sending hyacinth bean vine seeds and someone else is sending wild rose hip seeds. my goal of making an edible landscape is starting!!  i love looking out to the box gardens my son built on the side of the house for me.

the next project is to cut some wood from the woods behind the house or use the fallen thicker branches to build an arbor to support the hyacinth bean vines and some more grapes. i will plant the pomegranate trees and vines in the next week or so that were cultivated last spring and are in their respective containers. i have raspberries, blackberries, grapes, and pomegranate trees in containers to plant and transfer. i also have a third blackberry bush of a different variety to transplant. it is quickly approaching time to do this, as the last frost is supposed to be in early to middle march according to the almanac.

on a trip to florida in late october, we gathered some palm seeds from the palm in the yard of our time share. i have sprouted a few. this is so exciting. :)

the rain barrel is full to the brim and running over. i really need to get that second run over barrel over next to the original - sooner than later. the water runs fine through the faucets we installed on the barrel, but i think their is not enough gravity to push it through to the water container in the chicken coop. i think if it is siphoned to start it running, it will be fine. i just need to get it started.

one of the chickens has become an escape artist. she is hard to catch in the mornings. i just typically let her run around. she never gets far away from the chicken run/yard. we did however gather 7 eggs today!

we have been finishing homeschool earlier in the day lately and working more on home economic activities and scout stuff (at least he does). guitar lessons are going well. he is gifted in this domain. i remember when my grandfather would play. i miss him so much. i see him in my children all the time and am blessed to see his characteristics carried forth in them.

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