Saturday, December 21, 2013

Rocking Chair Memories...

     I have a rocking chair that I received from my mother when I was nearing the end of my 6th month of pregnancy. It was not the first piece of furniture I had ever received from her, but it was the first significant piece to me. It was an unspoken gesture that my being pregnant and having my son was being accepted. It was an agreement piece. I do not want to write more than that on the topic.
     I rocked my first child to sleep in it more than 22 years ago. Bottles were fed to him in that chair. He was held when sick in that chair. He was read books to in that chair. It is a piece of our history, that though may not mean a lot to someone else, means a lot to me. My son cried A Lot when he was little. I think some if it may be attributed to the fact that as a new mom at the age of 19 I had no clue what I was doing. I wondered why God had ever let me become a mother, because I was unprepared for the job. Rocking my son in that chair was often what got us through a night (or day or week at times). After my child had been changed, fed, burped, walked, swallowed, etc...all that was often left was rocking.
     Later, when Andrew was a toddler, he would often pull the wheels off of his Hot Wheel cars, leaving the axles exposed. He would run these over everything making car sounds. In the seat of the rocking chair, there are some grooves worn in it. I have left them there over the last 22(+) years. My second child went on to be nursed, rocked, read to, and so forth in this same chair.  It is a reminder of times with my children. 
     Now, my older son is expecting a baby in January. Yesterday, I finally found the time to polish the chair. Now the grooves are wooden colored again and the chair is pretty again. I had forgotten how pretty I once thought the chair was. It is going to my son's house to be in the nursery of his child now. A new generation will be rocked and loved in this chair. :)

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