Friday, December 27, 2013

Why Still Care about Israel?

Why Still Care about Israel?

The Sanctity of Covenant, Moral Justice and Prophetic Blessing

About: Could you be asking all the wrong questions about Israel? Conversation about the Arab-Israeli conflict usually starts by asking if God is for or against the Jewish state--or Palestinians, Arabs or Muslims. In this updated and urgent book, Sandra Teplinsky, an American-Israeli Jewish believer, shows why many Christians are asking the wrong questions about Israel. With gracious honesty and solid biblical insight, she unravels the mystery and controversy of Israel--and shows how it impacts you--by taking you into the Lord's passion for all humankind.


With precision and passion, Sandra Teplinsky weaves a wealth of material and presents a compelling case why we still need to care about Israel. It's a powerful treatise and treasure. Chris Mitchell, Jerusalem bureau chief, CBN News; author, Dateline Jerusalem
An essential handbook of immeasurable worth for every thoughtful believer. Its message could not be more needed than in this present hour of global conflict, both political and spiritual. Pastor Jack Hayford, author, Secrets of Intercessory Prayer; president, The King's University
The dividing line of the true Church will be its position on the Jews and Israel. You must be on God's side. Read this book! Sid Roth, TV host, It's Supernatural!
A much-needed and fresh approach to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Readers will be left well informed and caring deeply about the Jewish people (and others) because they encountered the heart and voice of God. Jonathan Bernis, president, Jewish Voice Ministries International; author, A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days
Inspirationally written, biblically accurate, extensively researched and user friendly to the common believer, Bible student or seasoned minister--a desperately needed message! James W. Goll, director, Encounters Network; author, The Coming Israel Awakening


I do care deeply about the matters of the Jewish state. I think some often wonder what this country could ever have to do with them. I do not think such, but I think others do. I think the Lord does have a plan for His country and it will affect others worldwide. This book is an update on how many Biblical principles and prophecies have been fulfilled. I felt this book was a good way to introduce Israel to the world without pushing them away if the reader is not knowledgeable of the issues Israel faces on a daily basis. In essence, this book follows through on its title to make the reader understand why it is so important to still care about Israel? In Why Still Care About Israel?, Teplinsky equips the reader with the Word of the Lord through specific Bible passages that explain how God has sanctified Israel and set it apart from the world through prophecy and promise. I can see where this book obviously has a place in the hearts of believers who have an interest, who want insight, or who just want to learn more...But more than this, I can see where this book would have a valued message for the nonChristian reader. Teplinsky writes with the experience and expertise of a knowing background, with an Orthodox Jewish background and as a Messianic Jewish believer. Her writing explores how the Word is not to be replaced with theory or theology, as it stands alone. Many other subtopics are also explored making this a well-rounded read. As the book progresses, the reader will be asked questions that will allow thought and introspection. I would recommend this book to other readers.

I received this book for free through Chosen Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group, in exchange for an honest review. Check out this review on my blog: 

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