Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Prepping the Garden Table...

I am prepping for Spring. One of the pallet boxes that my husband brought home for me to use in the garden was turned upside down to make a garden table in the garden. I plan to make it a raised bed, only I will not have to bend down to work the food grown in it.

I lined it with two layers of weedcover. This will allow the soil within it to be contained while water can be contained through. An after thought is to put a worm bin beneath it, as the nutrients can then be caught in the bin and the soil can be reused, while maybe making a worm food supply for the chickens. But, that is a thought for later.

The finishing part of the project is to measure off a board to contain each side and pile in some dead leaves and used chicken fodder to break down with some soil for placing seeds in for this Spring.


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