Tuesday, December 24, 2013

God Help Me to Be...

This is not an official video of this group, but something someone recorded. I love the words to this song and the message it conveys. I love this band. I love how the Holy Spirit is flowing through them.

God, help me to be closer to You, Lord, so I am farther from me / And may Your kingdom be the only one that I seek, oh God / And God, help me to see that everything was good when You created all things / Now let me see with those same eyes that created me, oh God // God, help me believe when everything around me points to uncertainty / Remind me of the hope of You that's living in me, oh God / And God, help me to shine like stars up in the universe that's Yours and not mine / And fill me with Your light so that the darkness will hide, oh God // Hallelujah, Amen // God, help me to give everything to You that I'm unable to give / And make my life the life I've been created to live, oh God / And God, help me to go, and follow where You lead me so all nations will know the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of this world, oh God, my God

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