Saturday, September 7, 2013

ENOUGH is a good word!

Awhile back, I did a post about wanting to not leave my children a legacy, but to forge them a trail. I wanted them to have a life where they knew it was okay to BE in Christ,
and to be comfortable with BEING in Christ. I came across the post this morning. I had all but forgotten I had made it. It was worth a review...

So, once again...
I want my children to know that they are enough.
They do not have to be the best in life. They just have to be their best in God. They do not have to please others. They just need to be what the Lord has chosen for them. And, they will find that their lives are enough.

I want them to have enough to make them happy, enough to make them feel loved, enough to make them feel complete. Enough...Nothing more, no less. Enough.

I look upon their lives and the impact that they have made upon mine...and they have been enoughEnough to complete me. Enough to make me happy. Enough to make me know it was a life well lived, well planned, well sacrificed. Enough.

I don't want to leave them a legacy. I want to make them a trail.
I want them to have a spark.
I want them ignited and on fire.
I want them to have purpose.
I want them to BE for the Lord.
On fire, on impact, and enough!

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