Sunday, September 8, 2013

happies and disgruntles...

today's happies!! (yes, i can make up a word if i want to do so.)
1. the hubby's birthday is tomorrow.
2. my scout gets several merit badges tomorrow.
3. the day has been beautiful.
4. my hubby did the grocery shopping for the week.
5. my grandchild is growing well and strong.
6. we had a great family vacation this past week.
7. the weekend was spent with wonderful homeschooling family and friends.
8. my Lord loves me.
9. my Christ loves me.
10. my Spirit loves me.
11. it is well with my soul. :)

today's disgruntles...
1. i responded to the questions of a new homeschooler on facebook that no one had responded to in weeks. i just joined this group. i remember being new and having questions. everyone had ignored this mom for weeks. when i responded to her, someone else argued back with facets of the opposite. the answer i gave was to cite the homeschooling law of our state and what her legal options were. the second respondent wanted to argue everything. i refuse to give in to the ------ of another. if the other mom had so much to say why had she not responded before? it is okay to disagree, just do so with respect and tact. we do not all have to agree, but we should be adult enough to have manners.
2. a friend is being bullied for his beliefs. i do not like this. although, i am honored to watch him stand firm.
3. people cannot understand what transgresses in the life of a child with a disability, unless you live within that life. being exposed to a child for a brief period of time, even if on a routine basis does not begin to provide someone with insight of the whole 24 hour cycle.

but, on another note...did i mention:
1. my Lord loves me.
2. my Christ loves me.
3. my Spirit loves me.
4. it is well with my soul. :)

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