Sunday, September 1, 2013

Chicken Apron

One of my hens is molting badly...the days are hot and I am concerned she will be at risk for sunburn. There are no mites and no other critter issues...these have all been ruled out.
 You can see all the feathers in the yard...I had to do a chicken count of white chickens the other day: 3 tetra tints and 2 leghorns. All white girls accounted would think for the mess of feathers laying around, something had hauled one of them off...

 This is Flo. Her backside was bare and she is thinning up the back...reminds me of a man's head going bald. This was a few days ago. Yesterday she was bald up half her back and below her wings. Her tummy is almost bare. She is a chicken of a hot mess.

 My younger son and I checked the hens for mites and other issues. There were none. I checked the coop for a mite nest...all clear...

 I found this pattern online from a post in

 Last night when I was sewing this, I really had no idea if it would work or if I was totally wasting my time. Charles asked what I was making now and asked me how it was going to work. I tried to explain it to him and showed him a picture online of how it was supposed to look. He made some comment under his breath, but where he could be slightly heard, of ideas in my head... :)

 I could not find my elastic. It seemed to have taken legs out of my sewing box. I improvised and chain stitched some spare yarn...I figured a chain stitch was stretchy enough for what I wanted to do...and no waste.

 Doesn't Flo look fetching in her new garment?

 Strutting her stuff!

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