Sunday, December 30, 2012


We have been without water for most of the day. :/
My younger child came home today from scout camp. Yeah!
We went to the hardware store to look at gutters to rig up a rainbarrel waterer for the chickens...Ideas came from places like here and here. We looked and will think about how to do this. My child's suggestion is to do a whole aquaponics system outside.
I did get some turned compost to the boxed garden to prep it for spring veggies!!  Chickens had their bedding turned today.
Christmas decorations were taken down and packed up and placed in tubs on the deck by the child for the hubby to put into the shed in the next few days.
We went to Mast General...did I mention I love this store?  I got two more wooden spoons. We need to season the wooden utensils with oil. I want to find a wooden ladle, like this one:
I did find and bought a wooden rainbow measuring scoop today. :)  It measures at 1/4 cp/scoop. Way cute!  I did not oil it first!
    The container carrots are finally coming along...I think the package advertisement of fully developed carrots in 16 weeks is a farse. We planted these suckers like 6 months ago...I pulled one up a month ago to see how they were coming was a pitiful little sucker...
Today the carrot pulled out was about as thick as my thumb and was pushing through the top of the soil. Much better! 

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