Sunday, December 30, 2012

Stabilizing Joseph...

About two years ago, my grandmother gave me a hand-carved, Olive wood manger scene for CHRISTmas. If you look closely at Joseph (on the right in the photo), he is standing slightly askew.
Last year when I unpacked the manger scene to put it on the mantle, Joseph had detached from his base. I set him on the mantle and thought I would get back to him to reglue him down later. The issue was he was carved from the base piece and he had broken off from the base. He would have to be perfectly aligned back with his base to reattach him well. Needless to say, last CHRISTmas, I never got around to gluing him back in his proper spot.
I packed the scene carefully away and thought I would get to it the next year, this year. I unpacked the scene this CHRISTmas and remembered about Joseph. We set the scene on the mantle and I thought once again I would get around to it.
My child had reglued it for me at some time over the past week or so. Joseph is now attached, but standing not so upright. I guess it is a good thing he is standing above the CHRIST child...CHRIST will not let him fall over!

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