Sunday, December 2, 2012

Corn Yarn

Today, my family - most of it - met my half-brother and sister-in-law at a local Greek Orthodox St. Nicholas Festival. It was interesting. We had fun and learned a lot. I counted it as a homeschool field trip day for our Geography Unit. We are currently studying Europe, so this was perfect timing for this outing to occur!

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While we were there, we watched a lady making yarn/thread from corn fibers to use in a knitting or crocheting project later. It was awesome. I think the thing that intrigued us the most about this was the fiber being spun was made from corn. I was determined to look this up when I got home.

                                                                        This website does contain a detailed how to on making c                                                                       corn fiber yarns.
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I thought this was an interesting concept. The lady spinning also told us about fibers she has spun made out of recycled coke and pepsi bottles. How cool is that?

Apparently it is a slightly long chemistry based exercise to make corn fiber. Although, it is naturally fire resistant/retardant and easily removes soil from the fibers due to the natural consistency of it. It is biodegradable over time and is very soft and holds color well. It cannot be ironed.

I guess funnier than all of this is we went to go to the festival and I end up fascinated by the yarn lady!  And, I learned my sister-in-law has several spinning wheels of her own. Who knew? 

So, corn fibers can be machine washed, but it is not advised to put the fibers through the dryer. It leaves virtually no carbon imprint. I like this idea. I want to try and make this - someday...perhaps...

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