Monday, May 28, 2012

Time out for blogging...

Today, I am taking a few moments to take a time out to blog...Between working on a day others are holidaying and continuing to homeschool a bit and cleaning (some)...this is a reprieve. :)  And, yes...holidaying is a word. I just made it up!

The child is finishing the Antarctica unit today. For such a small continent, it has taken longer to complete this unit than I expected. 

We hope to get through chapter 4 and part of 5 of The Hiding Place tonight with him. We were reading only this book, until the child decided he wanted to read a pentalogy. So, we made a compromise. He is independently reading the first book of the 5 in his new series. I agreed THP could be the 'car book'. Only, yesterday while driving to my mother's house to feed the dog while she was out of town, he took his book with him and read it in the car.  

What am I do...??  I definitely do not want to tell him not to read something, when he is wanting to read it. 

My younger child is burnt from being out on the lake some yesterday and Friday. He slept almost his entire day away due to such. I am tired, but have been working on my consulting job on and off throughout the day. This household has been practically abandoned for the last month. My OCD has not even had time to really take notice of the messes piling around. Well, I take that back. I have noticed, but have not had time to mess with them. Today, I took some time. I think it will take almost a month to get this house back in order. 

I need to speak to my older has been like 2 days since I spoke with him...he is ever persistent in my prayers...I hate to see them grow and become adults. I like them little. :)
But, for now... back to work. 

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