Tuesday, May 1, 2012

baking and braiding challah...

This is the 6 ingredient challah that my hubby and child want each week now. So easy to make, even the child can start it for me.

1 cup of warm water mixed with active yeast...stirred and left to sit for 10 mins or so.

Add a large tablespoon or two of raw honey and 2 or 3 eggs...mix well and add all purpose flour until well mixed...and let rise for awhile (about 2 hours or more)! 

We made six strips the first time we made it and made 2 3-strip braided loaves. Now I cut four strips and make 2 4-braid loaves. I do add a bit of homemade butter to give some extra texture and fluffiness to bread.

Tuck the corners under and place on cooking pan/sheet.

Coat with a beaten egg and put in oven. 

I bake them at about 370 for like 20-30 minutes. When you can rap/tap lightly on the top of the bread with a wooden spatula and the bread sounds hollow, it is finished. It does grow in the pan.

Final requirement of this bread is to share some and eat! Yummy!

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