Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Homeschool or Normal Day??...and stuff

Today we had a multitude of doctors appointments it seemed. We started out at the chiropractor, then went to my doctor, then went for my younger child's allergy tests. He was poked and pricked...and we are supposed to go back in about a week.

On the way to the allergist for the child...I slowed down to show him where the security/retaining wall that used to enclose part of the old state mental hospital campus had collapsed in a recent storm. It revealed, obviously, parts of the campus we had never seen from the street. We were running about 1.5 hours ahead of schedule and it offered the perfect (??) detour til time to report to the doctor.

File:Mills Building, South Carolina State Hospital.jpg 

Now be mindful, that I have this streak in me at times...that my husband feels is troublesome at best. I feel it is adventurous...some of our best homeschool sudden field trips/moments have occurred due to this nature. It was this that led us to explore the grounds of the South Carolina State Hospital, formerly known as the South Carolina Lunatic Asylum, today.

It is slightly ominous and sad locale...I was able to show my son the old library and chapel and there were some comments on how life in an insane asylum was made to look like a somewhat normal neighborhood. We examined old water pipes that pumped water to an old greenhouse and to various support structures. He saw old dormitory buildings and such. We discussed the position of society from several decades ago of storing away the citizens of society whom were considered to be mentally unstable, senile, demented, or in some cases handicapped.

We discussed how this occurred to children with disabilities as well and often they were forgotten or left to grow up with only the facility caretakers as their family. (Though this was emphasized as never being revealed in history I have learned of this exact location, I did explain it had happened in many facilities throughout the nation.) I know this is not the case for all of them, but it was for many. There was mention of a child from the family born not alive, whom the Lord brought back, and he was diagnosed with CP. My son exclaimed how smart this young boy is and how much energy he has. I told him this child is like he is today, because he was vested his parents and the Lord. We discussed his own diagnosis of brain damage many years ago and how specialists told me the lists of things he would NEVER do again. I refused this then and do now.

I remember my reaction back then...I refused for these words to be spoken over my child. I rebuked the words of these individuals. I refused to give up on my child. And from the backseat of my truck today, on those hospital grounds, my child said he was glad I never gave up on him. :)  Thank you, Lord.

God had this then, and He has it now. God did this. God made this real. His His His time...for His glory...for His praise...for His Jesus' the guiding power of the Spirit...for my children.

We discussed other elements of the ornately designed some of the buildings seemed outwardly...covering what they hid away inwardly. We discussed how and why the dormitory windows were clouded to not let in sunlight or let people inside see out. My child commented on how the entire campus seems to be fenced in...he asked what the people around the city were afraid of...why was the entire place enclosed?  Great discussions today. Lots of learning transpired.

At the allergist later, the allergy testing transpired. Poor kid...stuck and then it was over and he was itchy.


We went by the capitol to look for Occupiers...they were where? When did they leave? What happened to the vigil? I was disappointed...

Lunch at the Mellow Mushroom was awesome. It amazes me how our eating habits differ. My son had a barbecue chicken pizza. I had a pita with artichoke, pesto, shitoke and portobello, sun dried tomatoes, and provolone. Interesting how two people can spend so much time together and be so alike, and differ so much.

 canister stacking and balancing at Mellow Mushroom at lunchtime...

more stacking and balancing....

We went and looked at kayaks and camping materials after lunch. This store really had some beautiful boats and boards.

 My child knocked over this entire display with a paddle he was playing with demonstrating how to use. I took this picture after he restored the display.

We went to a local art gallery. He was most fascinated with the old scale.

We viewed the mechanics of the old elevator.
We viewed some art pieces.

This was the most fascinating piece in the whole bunch, in my opinion. I could tell what it was until I had backed away from it almost 1/2 dozen times and viewed it from differing angles. It is the scripture from James and the cans are nested in such a manner to form the face of a man. Most artwork in the whole gallery.

We went to an old art store and while he viewed art supplies, I became entranced by the architecture of the building.

We made a birdy friend on the way out.

We got a parking ticket, because we took more time to explore than the meter had been supplied for...

We saw these interesting sculptures outside a church on the way home.

We read through chapter 3 of The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom today. We discussed the book and made connections to past novels read and some historical events.

I was going to chalk this day up to a schooling day lost, due to no true book academics...and the doctors' visits that took up most of the day...After further inspection and review...I think we homeschooled throughout the day all along...

My final thoughts were on reflection this afternoon...I went to work this stomach bug I thought had left has returned...but, tonight, I found a note I had written while at a recent homeschool support group meeting...The  note I wrote was more to myself and not necessarily about what the current speaker was speaking about...

Life is but a vapor. Your days are will you make today count?
Life is but a vapor. Your days are did you make today count?

Today, I know I made today count.


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