Saturday, May 19, 2012

homeschool update

-We went to the county museum for a brief field trip this week. It was nice to get out of the house and be active. We pinched some rosemary and my son found some early cut nails and some that appear to be hand forged. 

-We have finished reading the Hunger Games trilogy in less than two weeks. My son has devoured these books. My son, with significant learning disabilities, has begged to read. I am without words on this matter. I love to watch him read. 

-We have almost finished the Antarctica unit. This will be the 3 continent of the seven. He has about 7 more research questions related to the unit and the mapping activity. 
-We started reading the Hiding Place tonight. We got through most of the first chapter. 
-In two weeks or before, we will be back to tackling the Latin curriculum, grammar, and Algebra I. I am hopeful to finish up Latin I, the Geography curriculum, and grammar with him this summer, so we can concentrate on the writing portion of ELA and Physical Science next year from September through May. Algebra I will be ongoing. We will continue to complete literacy units, but will perhaps slow down some through the summer through next Spring, as he is starting the 8th literacy study with the Hiding Place.
-Art is coming along and he will finish the lessons next week. He has produced 3 painted pictures, several pottery pieces, and some other works of art. We stayed after art class together last week to be creative together. He painted a dog bank that looked like YaYa (he says so, anyway). He already has one of Cassie, so he needed one of YaYa. I made a vase with the Palmetto tree and gorget on it, after our state seal. It was fun. 
-He is doing well with guitar lessons. I am amazed at how musically talented he is. I did not know this about my child. He is supposed to have a public playing soon, according to the teacher. I am anticipating the date.
-We went kayaking recently and now he wants to do so on a regular basis. We are looking for a set of used kayaks in good condition to buy. 
-He continues speech therapy and occupational therapy, but at a lessened rate currently. 

-Oh, and not really a homeschool thing...but we are going to see the Blue Man Group!

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