Sunday, April 29, 2012

yuckiness, need to do, and reflection...

I have viral shingles and viral shingles vertigo...Can you imagine constantly feeling drunk without having had alcohol??  And of course, this means another lovely round of steroids...which also means I will not be able to get my allergy shots this, by the end of the week...I will feel like allergic crap perhaps...     
need to do:
Have you ever just had one of those weeks where you feel like you have so much to do?  I am not just talking about the regular work piles:
1.  I need to finish writing those IEPs for my every other day secondary special education teaching job.
2.  I need to grade papers for one university whose term ends today.
3.  I need to post the next week's instructional guidance for another university.
4.  I need to grade papers and discussions for the third online university I work for.
5.  I need to work on a newsletter for the nonprofit I work with downtown and finish a curriculum spreadsheet.
6.  I need to schedule a conference call for the board of the other nonprofit I run out of my home.
7.  I need to get the paperwork together to renew my teaching certificate that expires soon.
8. I need to email all the students and set up the courses for the 4 classes that start in a week or so...
9. I need to update my vitae and webpage again.
I also need to do stuff for homeschooling and home in general:
1.  We are out of mayonnaise. I need to make some more....
2.  To make mayonnaise, I realize we are almost out of whey....which means I need to make more cheese.
3.  We will be out of butter within the week...which means I need to make more butter.
4.  I need to water the cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, beans, strawberries, cucumbers, lilies, mint, flowers, lemon tree sprouts, orange tree sprouts, pineapple plants, and other plants indoors.
5.  I need to transplant the lemon tree sprouts to a bigger container. The same needs to be done for the 4 pineapple plants and the two aloe vera plants. The spider plants needs to be repotted.
6.  The potato plants need to be remounded.
7.  I need to check and water the blueberry plants, the raspberry plants, the concords, and the blackberries.
8. We need to can many things.
9. I need to prepare the pole beans for canning.
10. I need to put the mother culture within some red wine to start the culture growth...I need to get some crocks for this, too.
11. I need to grade the half of the Australia unit my child has completed for Geography.

1. I love when at the end of a day I know was a great homeschooling day, my child looks at me and says it was a great day and he is glad he did not have to learn anything that day or do any school. We had one of these days last week...We studied the fall line of the tectonic plates at the river, and raced leaf boats. We viewed and photographed egrets, herons, turtles, geese, and cardinals. We sucked honeysuckle for a snack. We hiked three miles. We studies eddies and water current. We looked at igneous rock erosion. We viewed the train trestles from beneath and looked at the structures. We went below the interstate and viewed the reinforcements on the cracks and the structure itself. We visited an old canal waterway and viewed a dam spillway. We went through the old water plant in the city and studied how the river was rerouted. We discussed barge pulls up riverways and older town settlements. We looked at canal water pipelines and went to the first free black public school in the state after the Civil War. We looked at clay brick erosion from original Civil War brick walls in the city. And as we leave all of this to go home, the child states he had a fun day and is glad he did no school that day!  How little does he know!!
2. I love to remember why we made the choices for our family we made a year ago and seeing these decisions confirmed through outcomes now.
3.  I love seeing the fruit of God's labor blooming.

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