Sunday, April 22, 2012

Walking in our footprints...or theirs?

The younger child and I recently went for a short trip to the beach. The water was too cold to swim in for the most part (unless you are from the polar regions).

We were walking and as we are moving along...I realize how HUGE my child's feet are...

I measured my own against his...I stood for a moment in his footprint and realized how his foot has long outgrown mine.

My toes are where the ball of his foot is. I should not be surprised...his older brother wears a size 12 as well... The size 12s he has are growing smaller and in a few months, we are lready in search of some size 13 shoes.

I often think of a small child who plays in the parent's shoes. I never had this luxury. I have one fleeting moment of my childhood when my biological sperm donor person was sober/sane enough to place me on his feet to was a few seconds only. I think it is perhaps the only good memory of the man I have.
In those moments when our children are small and they emulate our presence, we are honored and realize how much of their lives lies before them. As I stood in my child's footprint...I wondered, if one day I will walk in the footprints of my children, honored by the lives they have led. I pray this will be true.

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