Thursday, April 12, 2012

Life Realizations of Blessings

Last two weeks in review...
1. We are fostering a rescue puppy. We are going to adopt her. Her name is YaYa. She is a brown labby lady. 
2.  My other doggy, my younger child's therapy dog, is still adjusting to the idea of sharing her people with another dog...and, not too happily if I might say so.
3.  YaYa ate one of my good sandals (the strappy cute ones) the other did not make me happy.
4.  I think I am going to have to take my youngest child back to the allergist soon.
5.  Cassie has kennel cough. We had to get her some meds.
6.  The neighbor's dog has kennel cough as well.

7.  We had a blessed Seder at my house.

8.  We spent Easter dinner with my older son and future DiL. The  meal was great.
9. I have turned in my verbal notice at the school I teach at that I will not be returning there to teach next year. I will homeschool my younger child full time and focus on his disability and helping him to improve his academic and community function and ability. I still have to write my formal notice for the school and submit it to the administration.
10. I found out that the curriculum I received from my aunt has some many hidden treasures in it the more I dig in the box. So very blessed by that gift.
11. We have moved forward in opening up our homeschool co-op in the community.
12. I received my younger son's latest MRI results. He is healed. If my Lord can do this...I need to open my mind to His full authority. So awesome.
13. At the public school I work at it is the time of year when we have to write those lovely special education plans for all the children I teach....those Individualized Educational Pains. Oops....I meant to say plans.

Blessings Overflow...Look all around you...
1. We are doing our taxes. Fun! Fun! Fun! NOT! Our combined salaries were $8000/yr more the year we lived in FL when I worked less than I do now. We ran two households (barely) and never wanted for anything. The Lord provided for us. We made less money last year combined than we did before. Our combined salaries have dropped by about $4K/year for 2+ years. I have not felt this occurring and would not have believed it to be true without reviewing all tax years side to side. This proves we can survive on less and lends to making more cutbacks overall. 
2. If the Lord can heal my child, the Lord can take care of this too...and that...and that. I worry less and appreciate more. Thank you, YHWH, for revelation.
3. Yah sustains my family in time of need and in time of prosper. We are never alone.
4. The container crops are doing well. The potato plants are growing...we are mounding the stalks about twice a week. The cabbage I thought I had killed is making a brilliant comeback. The various sorts of lettuces are growing well. Tomatoe plants are not producing yet, but are growing well...My concord grape vine is thriving. The strawberry plants seem to be doing well thus far. The cannas are starting to bloom. The mint is growing larger. 2 lemon trees are growing well. 2 orange trees sprouts are growing. We rooted another pineapple plant. I need to repot the 4 pineapple plants from last year into bigger pots. The carrots and peas are growing well. We have many bean plants sprouting and the broccoli is breaking ground. My cabbage plants are so pretty. ((I think the cucumber plants died. I know the pepper plant died.))
5.  Chickens are doing well. Egg production is up.
6.  Homeschooling is going well. I love being with my child.
7.  Nothing is more important than the Lord, faith, family, and friends.
8.  I am realizing more and more that church is not the building, but the Living Word and Testimony I take within me. I am the church. I am my church. My Lord is within me.

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