Saturday, April 21, 2012

YaYa Capades....

We have been trying to take an inventory of what our foster puppy has been into in the past two weeks...

Please be mindful that when I say been into, what I really mean is eaten or chewed to shreds...
1.  one of my cute strappy sandals.
2.  foiled wrapping paper.
3.  loaf of bread.
4.  all of the doggy treats - leaving my other puppy none.
5.  ziploc baggies.
6.  part of my son's flip flop.
7.  cat food.
8.  a dishrag.
9.  2 trashcans.
10. an entire box of plastic dining ware.
11. entire bag of paper plates.
12. the recycling - more than once.
13. two Lickity Sticks.
14. a throw pillow.
15. floor rugs.
16. box of instant grits.
17. mail.
18. one laundry basket.
19.  a tomato.

Her tail/butt/back-end bumped into the guitar in my son's room a day ago or so and broke the handle in two - leaving it only connected by the strings.

This is only a partial list, but it is all I can remember at this moment.

Updates to the YaYa list of destuction tonight...
20. A bag of Splenda.
21. bag of hamburger buns.
22. junk mail.

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