Saturday, January 7, 2012

Things to do this year...

Ideas I like or think I would like to try in 2012:

The Biggest Loser's Baked Eggs in Turkey Cups      Baked eggs in turkey cups.

Pinned Image    Canvas portraits.

Pinned Image     I can't find the link to this project, but I am so going to make this for next winter...or maybe, for this one. Isn't it adorable?

Pinned Image    I saw this one with a suggestion from someone to spray paint a clear coat on it for protection and to add the bow to match your home decor. That could hang year round on the wall in any room in the house. Too cute.

Pinned Image  Saw this on pinterest...bananas covered with peanut butter and chocolate. I wonder if you can freeze these babies?

chicken overs recipe   Chicken bundles recipe.

  Repurposing a yucky looking mirror...DIY.

Pinned Image   Okay, so it will prob not happen that I will get one of these in my house in 2012...but what a nifty idea for storage space. :)  Could not find a link for this one. I do so like this idea though.

a basic recipe for fresh egg pasta    I want to learn to make our own pasta...might as well...self-sufficiency is becoming the key to homemaking here.

Pinned Image   Yummy!! 

Homeschool ideas for fun with the child:
Pinned Image     Liquid density experiment.

Pinned Image    Visual DNA genealogy project.  This one was really kinda creepy, but interesting in the way small details are easier to note through pictures.

Pinned Image  Walking water experiment.

Pinned Image  Of course, anything that makes a mess and is still fun is always a good activity to do...right?

Pinned Image    Add just, why not??  We had so much fun with egg osmosis...I figure we could do this as well!!

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