Friday, January 27, 2012

Essential Guide to Healing review.

The Essential Guide to Healing: Equipping all Christian to Pray for the Sick, written by Bill Johnson and Randy Clark, is a guidebook that explains to Christians how to apply Biblical principle and word to the ministry of healing. The Bible is full of stories of how people are inexplicably and miraculously healed. The Lord still moves in this manner today, as he did then. This book serves as a guide to inspire and lead Christians in applying the scripture and prayer to become a healing force.
The 253 page paperback text is published by Chosen Books, with an ISBN of 978-0800795191. Though there are many books written and published on the topic of prayer healing and evangelists that can heal, this book should be thought of as an authority on this topic. If you are a Christian who has an interest in studying divine healing through the Lord Jesus Christ and in His name, then this book will become a great asset to your personal library of developing an understanding and appreciation for healing others through prayer and practical application. 
The Essential Guide to Healing  -     
        By: Bill Johnson, Randy Clark
Pastors Bill and Randy use personal stories to weave a personal approach to this text. The layout of the book is different for others in that it switches back and forth between the two authors and you are able to understand their varying views and see the applications of their learning as the writing unfolds. The writing comes from the basis of scripture and their personal accounts of healing interventions. Testimonies of healing in the name of Jesus are used to explain how each pastor became involved in healing and how to apply the learning individually or to larger groups of people. There is reference to prayer intercession sessions that are short to longer intervals of prayer.
As well the reader will be exposed to the historical background of healing intervention and the power of divine healing through the name of Christ and the power of the Spirit. The steps provided for the process are described in the book in easy to understand apply sequenced instructions. An example of this is learning how to implement a five-step model of healing prayer and recognizing the authority that faith in belief has in healing. The reader will be inspired by the personal accounts related in the book. Through the training provided by Pastors Bill and Randy in this text, any Christian can learn to be an instrument of healing in the name and power of Christ. God is still very much active in the process of healing today and still moves through His people.
I received this book for review from Chosen Books for this independent review and in exchange for no compensation other than my honest review and opinion.

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