Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sweet Sunday Shabbat!

So, technically Shabbat was yesterday...but, we are just getting to it today!  After a weekend of feeling ill and resting for most of the time, finally at midday, we become a somewhat useful family again.

We used the leftover buttermilk from last week to make buttermilk pancakes for brunch (more like lunch). I had to use unleavened flour for these, so I had to add the baking powder, a bit of yeast, and some salt to cook them properly. We had some raw peanut butter the child and I had ground and made about two weeks ago. It went well on the pancakes! Yummy!

I noticed yesterday that the jar of honey has began to crystalize. I boiled it down this morning while the pancakes were cooking.

I removed the comb and poured off the honey into one of those left over cute plastic honey bear containers.

The last step of this process - which will have to occur later, as in not this morning - is to extract the remaining honey from the comb and melt it down for the wax within for candling...or just eating the thing with the peanut butter one morning?!?!

Mind you, that while the honey and pancake operations were occurring, the child was helping to make the newest batch of butter behind me in the kitchen. It was a busy scene in there this morning. We changed up the butter recipe by adding a half batch of EVOO to soften the batch. After separating off and squeezing out the excess buttermilk and transferring it to a jar for later use, we washed and salted the butter as usual, then returned it to the mixer bowl to add the EVOO. The end product was a much creamer spread, which retains the health values of the natural product. 


  1. OH how neat!! I never knew you could do that :) Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm now a follower :)

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  3. I love the name of your blog. It's so true! Pancakes and honey is always a plus in my book. Thanks for coming by this weekend and following. I'm following back. I hope you have a great week!

  4. Looks so yummy,Thanks for joining us at Creative Mondays :)