Sunday, November 6, 2011

What we are learning/have learned (I think)...

This past week:
1.  John Hanson was the first President of the United States, not George Washington.
2.  The moon this past week, at the beginning of the week, looked more like a gorget than a moon.
3.  The word Hosanna is not an expression of gratitude or direct praise. It literally means Save me! or Save us!
4.  Reading Anne Frank is not as interesting as it was when she is constantly talking about falling, being in love.
5.  Multi-step, binomial expression complex fraction equations that also require use of the distributive property can be difficult, even for a child considered by all academic measures given thus far to be mathematically gifted.
6.  History is fun to learn about.
7. We are grateful to have completed one content subject for the academic year to be able to focus more solidly on the other subject at hand.
8. The child has no clue what an outline is, claims to never have seen one, and so now I must teach him what it is and how to use one.
9. The child has no clue what parts of speech are or how to differentiate between them, making grammar instruction difficult.
10. When asked about diagramming sentences and shown such, he looked at me with the most forlorn expression I believe has ever crossed his face.
11. He appears to be learning Latin easier than he learned the English language.
12. I never knew he had such a low attention to task ability. I am trying to think of ways to help this endure for longer durations of time.
13. Teaching your own child is much more rewarding and tiring than teaching someone else's.

On another note for the week, we have been given the opportunity to review Bridge to Latin Road to Phonics curriculum. So this information will be forthcoming soon!!

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  1. I am getting so much problem in distributive property. to real numbers. please give me explanation