Friday, November 18, 2011

We Made Butter!

We have talked about doing this several times. Tonight we had mac-n-cheese for dinner...and we used all the butter. I am not talking about the vegetable oil fake stuff...real butter!  The child agreed enthusiastically he wanted to make some, but looked rather skeptical.

Below is the end result...the child's last request from this project is for us to have buttermilk pancakes or waffles for breakfast in the morning using the remaining buttermilk and some preserved blueberries from this summer's picking.

the main ingredient is the heavy whipping cream.

This is the first stage of whipping the heavy cream. Like making whipped topped - just have to be careful not to go too far if you want whipped topping, because once the cream starts to get grainy, you have gone too far.

This is where the mixer is making more of whipped cream, than it is butter. It will soon change.

I decided to stop briefly here to gather it all back together in the bowl's center. This is right before the cream 'cracks' for the butter process.

We had to pause here for a few secs as well. This is right after the cream cracks and the graininess starts to set in. A few more minutes and the buttermilk will start to separate. I took a small amount of this mixture out on a spoon so the child could feel the texture of the granules to note the difference between the graininess that occurs from the constant agitation of the cream to make butter from scratch.

buttermilk is starting to appear.

more texture and separation

draining the butter from the buttermilk and getting ready to squeeze the remaining moisture out to preserve it better...

squeezed it a bit too hard perhaps? The child found this funny that the butter was being squeezed through the cloth!! :)

ball of homemade butter!!

then we added a bit of kosher salt...

and it is ready to refrigerate to eat in the morning on those buttermilk blueberry pancakes I have been requested to make for breakfast!

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