Friday, November 11, 2011

A week in review...

...week in review for the facebook point of view...
Last Friday posts:

picture from zoo field trip!!

Posts from Sunday:

post from Tuesday:
you know you are a homeschool mommy when you trap the scorpion you see in the bathroom at the chiro's office and save it in tp and a baggy for your child to view up close later on (maybe in a few days after i know it is good and dead)!

love sitting here on the couch with my son as he translates the first book of genesis from latin to english while reading it aloud to me...not the greatest translation, but interpretable nonetheless

child is explaining to me how shuffling cards or hustling for card sharks is like braiding over the other - alternating outside pieces over the previous one - never thought of it like that, but pretty good observation - def not a connection i would have made

Post from Thursday:

It has been an interesting week!

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