Saturday, November 19, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up!

We finished Anne Frank tonight. We are reading the afterward tonight and tomorrow. This marks the 6th novel study completed for the year. :)  Yeah for literature!  I love reading with my child. And, he loves reading so much more now, too!

He begins Latin I for high school credit in the next week or so...probably after Thanksgiving break. Or we may just wait until after CHRISTmas. The holidays means a lot of gathering and going as it is. We will see and take it in stride.

It is odd to think of my child in grade terms anymore. When I realize in a matter of weeks, he will be taking his first high school credit class, while in 7th grade...the thought is overwhelming. Within a matter of months, he will be in full swing of 4 high school credits, while completing 7th grade language arts and electives. Essentially, our subject matter of study will stretch across three grade levels. This boggles my mind when I stop to dwell on it. 

One thing that I had forgotten most of all until this year, is the sound of my youngest child when he giggles. I had forgotten that. Hours of school work took that laugh away from him. A few months back, my husband took him on an outing and commented he had not heard the child engage in a full out belly-roll giggle in so long before that day. It is saddening that we became so bogged down in life that he did not giggle anymore.

Homeschooling returned this to us and gave him a chance to just play and be a child again. To think we did not do this sooner. Wow!

In closing, a situation occurred today to someone I care for much. It did not happen to me, but it makes me realize all the same how much you MUST care for your loved ones and let them know...ALL the TIME.

This is one of the many examples we live with weekly where my child arranges objects. I love this about him.

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