Friday, September 9, 2011

Bad Blogger Award...

It has been more than a week since I posted anything. I have been a negligent blogger. I have been so busy.
Homeschool World:
1.The child completed an awesome egg osmosis science experiment this past week...I got some great pictures. I will post these later. This was a neat experiment, albeit pretty gooey. It met his sensory side quite well. He did report he likes homeschool science, because we do 'cool stuff'!!!  Yeah for our science!
2. The child almost finished up chapter 5 of prealgebra...a few problems of the chapter testing and he is finished. This puts him 1/3 of the way through the text. This is a good thing, in my opinion, as we will need more time to work with him in the final chapters when we get to the newer material.
3.  Spelling and vocabulary remain low on his list of priorities. Yeah, okay!! I get for a child with Aspergers and dyslexia, remaining still to do vocabulary and spelling lessons is the least of your top things to do!! But, we have to get through these...any suggestions from the peanut gallery on what works well? Even my 15 like years working in special education did not prepare me for my child!
4.  The child and hubby are going on a field trip tomorrow to initiate the history unit we are starting...learning this morning will be about Confederate War relics and Confederate history of our state. Fun...and, I cannot go with them! :'(
Home Life:
1. My stupid chickens have yet to lay a single egg. We were making excuses for them saying it must have been because it was so hot. Okay, the weather has been much milder for a week now...where are some eggs? Tetra tints are supposed to be high volume layers and to start laying around 4.5 months. Well mine are like 5 months now...and I would like some eggs.
2.  The child continues to prosper and his MRI came back with a good prognosis of just being a stress injury. He has to go for some minor PT. I have to schedule this. I do not know where PT will fit between mission work, church, Scouts, church youth, homeschooling, baseball, 2 support groups' activities each month, OT, and speech... You know looking at all that, it amazes me people think the child is sheltered or has no outside the home activities. Hello!??!?!
3. My husband celebrates a birthday this week!  We don't get older in this house! We get more brilliant, closer to Christ, (and get more gray hair!)!!
4.  The oldest child is doing well. I am praying for him to find some sense of happiness in his work life details or to find his path. His eye mishap injury is healing well with little to no noticeable effects long term.
5. The Lord remains our constant provider of all things. How awesome to lay my head down at night and rise in the morning to know I will return from whence I came and that my spouse and both children are saved by His grace!
6. My prayers for her continue...and her family...Lord, You know her by name and call her forth! I pray for her spirituality, her path, her walk, her mind, her health...that they all be linked to You for Your honor and grace...I pray she feels Your presence, even if she might not understand. I pray Your Hand is ever upon her, and Your grace ever by her side, even when she is unsure or unsteady. I pray one day she know how much I prayed for her, even when it was only You her still knew her name.

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