Thursday, September 29, 2011

Metal Chickens

I have been on the hunt for a metal chicken for the yard...I do not know why I want one...I just do! I have two neighbors with one. These are bigger welded metal chickens for the yard of over three to four feet tall. One lives in town and another lives around the corner about a half mile away. I also want a metal donkey and goat.  Those are tales for another day. I found a metal chicken I really liked at a neighboring town's festival several months back, but it was like $150. I could not bring myself to spend that much for yard art. My husband wanted to show he was a good husband and actually prove he had heard what I said I wanted for once, thus went on his own quest for a metal chicken.

He came back with what he calls a mudfish or bottom feeder. My youngest child and I call it the potty fish. Either way, I received my metal yard art and needless to say, it has grown on me and is a nice sight in my garden items in the front. Alas, I still want a metal chicken. This is sort of like one I would be happy to find.

This chicken would be awesome!!   

Realize that I have not gone so far as to state I would like an army of metal chickens.

In further discussions this day in history, the youngest child and I have determined where and what would make the best living house for at the beach, on the coast, with a house just big enough, but not too big. We would require a garage for the vehicles and a dock for the boat. We need a boat ramp. And of course, the current therapy puppy would come, the three chickies, the three kitties, and us...and we would need one goat, one cow, one pony, and one pigs!!!  More discussion revealed Andrew could marry his significant other and move into the FROG with an outside and inside entrance or into a FAOB (finished apartment over barn)...which would mean we would add three more pets - the teacup puppy, the dustmop doggy, and the new bunny. The youngest child could remain there as well, converting the above garage option into an apartment as well... We then determined that intercoastal was even better with the  same arrangements of course.  :)

Other discussions of the week included: 1. do angels wear clothes? 2. do people have on clothes when the soul leaves the body to go to Heaven or hell? 3. If they have on no clothes, how long does it take for them to realize they are naked?  The answer to these discussions was that I do not believe the soul really cares if it naked or clothed when it leaves the body to join Christ or satan.

My phone was stolen this week when I took the child to therapy. And the youngest child washed his this past weekend in the washer at a friend's condo when we were there for the previous week's speaking engagement for LDA. It has not been a good Verizon week in our household...but this too shall just pass on the fleeting moments of life. :)

Did I mention I want a metal chicken? I have decided to go on a small metal chicken hunt this weekend while I am alone for awhile. The youngest child is going on a mission, chicken hunting I come. At the end of the road where my oldest child lives is this place with yard art. Last time I went by there, they had a metal giraffe for sale. It was gargantuan...maybe they will have a metal chicken this time!!  Maybe?!?!


  1. we ended up with a metal goat!! i could not find a metal chicken, no matter how hard i looked!! :)

  2. i have seen some of the almost exact metal chickens in memphis