Friday, September 9, 2011

One of Us Must Be Crazy (not me!!)

Did I tell you my husband was weird and I am the normal one in the relationship?  I know this to be true. It is evident in almost every discussion, or uh!, argument disagreement we sometimes have.

There are conflicts in all aspects of life. We face them daily at work, at the grocery store, in traffic, and with the people who reside with us most closely within the confines of our homes. Disagreements with your spouse can seem to be the most unsettling. We wonder how this individual we are married to can think such things that vary so much from our view?!? What should or could be a simple disagreement can at times became what seems more like the initiation of a nuclear war.

There are times I just know he is wrong and I am right. There needs to be no further discussion, because I know! He must be crazy to think anything less…right? Well, right?? This is why I am sure One of Us Must Be Crazy... and I'm Pretty Sure It's You (him, not me!). 
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One of Us Must Be Crazy... and I'm Pretty Sure It's You, written by Tim and Joy Downs, is a companion book from the original Fight Fair! In the Fight Fair! Book, the authors teach a couple how to make peace in moments of discord without losing the marriage in the win. All marriages are made differently and it is the differences that merge and meld a couple into a unified entity. Fight Fair! did focus on how a couple could remaining love and keep a marriage intact, by fair fighting or fair disagreements. One of Us Must Be Crazy... and I'm Pretty Sure It's You goes a step beyond fighting fairly to focus on how couples may understand their differences and use them to see the differences as values and not fighting points. The authors note that this latest book release is about "making sense of the differences that divide us."
I was amazed at the authenticity I found within the covers of this book. I was able to resonate with some of the stories told and compare them with events in my own marriage. It really does seem as if something tries to hack away at the walls of protection of a marriage daily. The world and secular means are just the beginning. I read this book thinking of it from a personal aspect only. My plan is to reread the book over the next few weeks with a fresh eye from the point of view of a couple and to discuss with my spouse some of the aspects the authors present. I feel like this book could be used as a conversation starter for many married couples to help them grow or become closer to one another and to God.  This book is a resource that will not be just shelved after it is read…I will return to it for the value of what it contains within the pages. I think it is a worthwhile read and resource for any married couple to have.

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