Friday, July 15, 2011

Our Science Curriculum

This year we are using Christian Kids Explore Biology for the science curriculum. This is initially written for upper elementary grades, but has many activities involved within the lessons that make it suitable for 7th grade as well. We focus more on the upper level activities and use the lesson reading, written at the upper elementary for the reading portion of the lesson. This works great for us and for the child's learning disability. I have really been impressed with the wealth of information provided as supplemental information that links to websites with learning activities and games. We also have used many of the supplemental reading suggestions from the library and online to reinforce ideas.

For my child, due to advanced thought patterns, but somewhat lowered reading identification levels, this seems as though it was a perfect fit. We met with some of the curriculum homeschool specialists and this was one of the recommended curriculum selections to try. It does not overwhelm him and the lesson supplements help to reinforce the idea across a myriad of content domains.

The Biblical connect to all lessons in this curriculum is clear, with an emphasis remaining on science education. It has been a good match thus far and I am looking forward to researching more from this same publisher to see what we can use in future years.

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