Wednesday, July 27, 2011

No Shots, No School in SC

I received this in the mail today. Anyone local to me probably received the same flyer. I did crop out the name of the medical facility offering to give children these mandatory shots. I did not want anyone to think I was being mean to this facility. I know people who work there and I respect them.

I do not like this scare tactic used to force people to take their children in rushed to get up to date on all the new required pricks.  Waivers are still available under the law for those whose children cannot be vaccinated or for those who chose to not vaccinate their children due to religious reasons.

Medical and religious exemptions are the only vaccination and immunization exemptions available in South Carolina. There is also something many do not know about called a special excemption. If you need to get your child a religious exemption form, you need to contact your local health department.  The form needed is called DHEC Form 1126. Form 1126 can only be used for religious excemptions. These forms can only be obtained, to my knowledge, at the health department and need to be notarized as well.

Medical excemptions can be obtained from a doctor if you child has had a reaction to a shot.

A special exemption can be made available to any student in a school district, if the student has the legal right to attend the school. It has to be issued by the superintendent of the school system and is only good for 30 days. Ideally, these can only be issued up to one time in the schooling lifetime of a child. These excemptions are specially reserved most often for children who are transferring into a district as a new student. Schools use these to allow a student to start school while the school waits on the records of the student arrive from the older educational entity.   

I also wonder what will happen to any special education students with IEPs who might not have particular 'required' shots and are not allowed to start school. Wouldn't this violate the students' rights to a free public school education with same age peers?  Just sayin'...

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