Sunday, July 17, 2011

Food Preservation for Today (Yesterday) done...

So, the picture is fuzzy...but it shows a lot was accomplished tonight!! 

9 jars of blueberry syrup made and canned. 8 jars of blueberry jelly made and canned. 12 ears of corn shucked and blanched and preserved for winter. Squash cut and preserved for winter. 7 pints of picked blueberry preserved for winter. Apples cut and preserved for winter. Peaches cut (still have to cut up more of those) and preserved. Beans were strung and blanched the other day and have already been preserved and frozen. Sun-dried tomatoes are waiting on the next batch of them to finish to preserve them for winter. Apples are drying to preserve and should be ready by tomorrow.

This took most of the evening and into the night and wee hours of the this morning to do. It should be worth it this winter for fresh veggies and fruits.

Time for bed to be able to get up in the morning and do intercessory prayer before church with friends. 


  1. Interesting post! I've just started trying to preserve things this year, so it is all new to me. Will the apples brown after being frozen? Can you eat the peaches or are they only good for baking after being frozen? Do you have an extra freezer? I need to get one.

  2. I know that in year's past the apples have browned in the freezer somewhat, unless soaked for a few secs in lemon juice, which seals them in a manner of speaking. They were good for baking though, not just plain eating...more so b/c I could see the browing, than due to any taste difference. I do not own a 2nd freezer, but from the way the one is filling up now, we could use one in the near future. I am big on putting away cooked casseroles and meal sets for the future. I have never done the frozen peaches. All these were preserved with a new food preserver/processor/vacuum thing I just I am hopeful it will make a difference. I will know soon in the months to come.