Thursday, July 21, 2011

Christian Liberty Press Spelling Curriculum Review Intro

Being President of LDASC allows me to get access to some materials others might not have access to...this has not escaped me. I have recently been corresponding with Christian Liberty Press regarding language arts curriculum. CLP mailed me a spelling curriculum for 8th graders to review for the blog and for future speaking engagements. I have just received this curriculum this week in the mail. I admit I have not had a complete chance to review it. I plan to test a practice lesson out on my child, though he is a 7th grader. I want to get a feel for what CLP is about and how they present their materials. More on this to come in the next week as we progress through this curriculum more in-depth and learn what it is about. If you have used this curriculum in the past, please let me know what you thought of it?!?!?

Building Spelling Skills Book 8 - Workbook

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