Monday, July 25, 2011

Latin Intro Smith Style...

We have done 3 Latin lessons thus far...not what I would call real Latin, because I definitely do not have a Latin background and the French I still know is beyond what one would call rusty - at best. We did win a full Latin I curriculum from Memoria Press at the homeschool conference a few months back, but I decided to wait until he can use it next year in 8th grade for his foreign language high school credit.

This year, we are using online resources to learn an overview of Latin and become familiar with some normal conversational terms, the alphabet, phonics, and roots, and the like. Thus far, he has learned the result of the action of a sentence ends with an /m/.  These lessons have more focused on teaching that sentence word order is not as important as word parts placed within the sentence. We have discussed how this relates to his learning disabilities...something he noticed. In other words, if he spoke and wrote Latin, he would not be in grammatical trouble all the time. Word order for the sentence would not necessarily matter, as it is more important to add that /m/ to the noun receiving the action or the result of the action.

Practice for this has been fun and interesting. An example is when the hubby was burrning yard trash and spread the ashes near the garden. The sentence that evolved as the child watched from the window was in the likes of: "The dad spreads ashum." 

This continued for a few days with today ending in the addition of new verb overviews added within the context of the sentence. Tonight before he retreated to bed (FINALLY), he reviewed ending with: "Cassie videt ballum."  Now I am not sure if he is stringing this all together perfectly, but he is enjoying what he is doing and we are just getting our feet wet.

By the way, one of the intro sites we are using is

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