Saturday, July 6, 2013

summertime. summertime. summertime.

my younger son broke and crushed his wrist in may. he had surgery then. now, at the end of the first full week of july, he is in his 5th wrist wrap appliance. he has about another week or so in this current contraption. in the meantime, he went to camp with scouts for a week in june - fully casted and all - and came home with a nasty ingrown toenail. we have had to go to the doctor twice now for this. he is scheduled to have surgery on his toe later this month...he could not swim the entire time of the broke wrist due to the cast and open wound into his bone. now, due to the toe and it being wrapped, he still can't swim. summer is half gone and the typical stuff we would do, we are hindered from doing. all of my younger son's normal activities are not capable of being guitar, no bow practice, no boxing, no fishing, no hatchet throwing, no whittling, no biking, no hiking, no shooting, no no no...even wii playing is limited due to limited range of motion... :/

it has rained A LOT. i cannot send him outside to do his normal stuff. so, we do stuff in the house. we read a lot. he plays some games on the computer. we tend to chickens and the garden. and we have been canning and canning and canning. we have painted the dog's toenails. we have put feathers in her hair (long story - another whole post entirely).



so, we are doing well and spending our summer constructively...

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