Wednesday, July 24, 2013

catching snakes

I went to produce co-op this past week. One of the other ladies went to the bathroom and screamed when she did........there was a snake beside the toilet...what else is a mommy to do, but bring the snake home for her kid to see???? 

  I placed him in a baggie until I got home and filled it with air.

I made him a temporary snake habitat in a jar.

He was not as active in the jar as he had been in the baggie.   I fed him hotdogs. He ate two of the pieces.

A friend of Charlie's did determine that the snake was nonvenomous through eye shape and split scales after the vent. Otherwise, I would never have kept it. The snake was a water snake. The snake was only kept for two days in the jar until my son returned home from camp so he could see it and then it was released.

 We set the snake loose near the creek tributary to the lake that is behind our house.

And, then he crawled away...        :)                 


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