Saturday, January 26, 2013

Homeschool Friday...

The week has worn down and it is Friday...
So, first things that I may get a confession out of the way. When I was little my mother had a pair of socks she wore at times. They really were not a pair made for each other, but one she created. The socks were the same pattern, but one was red and one was blue. I remember thinking I wanted to crawl under a rock when she wore those socks...the horror. What if someone I knew saw her socks while we were out in public. Today, I went out with my kid to the hardware store to pick up two bolt nuts. When I got home, I looked down at my feet and saw the white socks with the Keens...last week there were striped pink Betty Boop socks worn with the Keens...but my immediate thought today, was of my mother with her blue and red socks. I have arrived. The difference is my son does not care.

My son had already completed his studies for this week, with the exception of one Algebra lesson. He finished the Geography course last week and finished the entire comprehension unit for The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. He did a Latin lesson and Genesis chapter translation. He finished his grammar and IEW essay writing by Thursday. Today we built the rain barrel.
I had to cover the kale and other winter bed to protect them from the sleet. It sleeted all of thirty minutes and quit...such a huge winter storm that was.
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I had to check the was found all bloody yesterday. You can see where her head is all red and bloody. It took us about a 1/2 hour to clean her up. I thought a predator had gotten a hold of Flo, but now we think the other girls might have pecked her. I find this odd, as she has always been the alpha chicken.  I guess Flo was hen-pecked...bahahaha!!

While the rain barrel and cover the vegetables and check on the chickens escapades were occurring, the puppy is patient to stand around and wait for someone to play...ever the patient and devoted puppy. Notice the toy Cassie has at her feet is a purple squeaker chicken.
The day ended with a MNO with friends and fellow homeschool moms. It was a good day overall. I am blessed! 

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