Thursday, January 10, 2013

daily grind, whirlwinds, and schooling...

busy, busy day...
one of the neighbors complained about a chicken in her yard. we have recently discovered that when the girls leave our yard, they are typically following a shrew tunnel...which they have become quite adept at finding, catching, and eating.  i did not know these things existed in the abundance they do...but, alas, now i know. i am quite happy that the girls eat these varmints and they seem to not mind the extra protein...

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the girls find a tunnel and follow and find the shrew and eat it would think a neighbor would not mind. sheesh!  anyhow, the girls have not been free ranging in a few weeks, because of the one complaining neighbor. so, today, we expanded their 'yard'...
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the girls were happy with the new yard for them to cluck about in. 
we also cut their wings so they could not fly off or out of the chicken yard.
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the kale looks good. 
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in the middle of the kale plants, i found one little lone onion bloom working its way up through the straw.
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we moved the pineapple plants outdoors to enjoy the 70 degree weather and let them get some sunshine. :)  they are growing well. i trimmed off some leaf ends that were looking sad.
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the last two are almost up to my waist. they are large!! 
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i cut back two dead bushes that i had not gotten around to since it fell off cold. beneath them, i found some mint growing away. i am a bit surprised it has continued to grow through the winter.
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and the kicker for the day of work outside was i found out this afternoon that i had a developed a poison ivy rash on both lower arms. :/
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the child boxed twice today on the new bag he got for Christmas. he also swept out the entire garage today and cleaned out the dishwasher without having to be asked. wow!!
we were also able to get all the schooling completed this afternoon. :) 
the child had to jumpstart my neighbor's truck tonight. it had a dead battery. :(  then, we went to pick up pizza paid for with a gift card from the same neighbor!! :)  this is not the neighbor mentioned formally who complains.
the day ended well (with the exception of the poison ivy).

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