Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Chickens - New Eggs

This past weekend we were given 4 new chickens. These are Americauna chickens. They lay pretty eggs in shades of blues and greens.

My younger son has named these two George and Steve.  Since they are girls, I am calling them Georgina and Stevie. My son is calling them the names he gave them. Since they are chickens, I am not sure they really even know the difference.

These are the eggs of our original chickens. The original flock is three tetra tints. Their names are Florence, Matilda, and LuElla. Here are their eggs.
The tetras lay creamy white eggs and light brown eggs of a medium to large size. We get lots of double yolkers from these girls.

Three Araucanas laid eggs on their first day here.
The picture does not show the pretty color of these eggs. They were just sized a little below a meium sized egg. One was a soft green, one a soft blue, and one a muted beigy pink. They were beautifully colored.

These are the Araucana eggs compared to the tetra eggs.

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