Friday, August 3, 2012

Kitty Tenaciousness

After seeming sickly for days, in which we made the kitty comfortable and thought she was soon departing from us...I awoke yesterday morning to see her standing, yowling, and pawing at the kennel crate to get out...So, I let her out...she drank water for the first time in 2 days and ate some kitty food. She lingered about the front porch most of the day and by the evening was out venturing about the yard. By nightfall, she had climbed the steps of the back deck and was lolling around as usual.  Maybe she just needed to rest a few days? Who knows?  I don't speak kitty, so I could not communicate with her about what was up?!!

1 comment:

  1. Good luck to your kitty to survive even with a lot of nice cat moments.

    My English is very poor, but I will try to answer your (older) question.
    For the competition / exhibition of bird-bath should take pictures of bird-bath, and send it to me.
    Also, if you have got (if made ​​you) bird house, just send me a picture with signature (description) and I will be happy to be placed in competition / exhibition.

    Sorry that I answer so late. We were driving away.
    Have a happy day and peace in heart.