Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Walking through the darkness...

Thankfulness exercise 8/31...I am thankful that the Lord works through me in small steps to bring to terms for me things that are difficult to deal with, to teach me the importance of recognizing small things and larger things and the small pieces of the bigger picture, in all things for His glorification.

I want a good fleeting wisp of time...of someone who did not deserve a memory, of someone who never took time needed...

The Lord is working through me and has been for quite some time bring me reconciliation in my heart and mind, to mend hurt.

Recently, the Lord allowed me to remember one fleeting moment in history of a good memory. One moment is all I have of this man in a childhood filled with no good memories or thoughts of this person. One memory. One moment. How sad.

Today, my younger son was working on a Scout endeavor and I saw a skill he had and realized it could have only came from one source. A handed-down genetic marker of a trait I recognized from only one source. Yet, in my son...this trait is modified for good. I see no evil in it. I recognize for the gift it is meant to be...And, when a gift is used for the intent of its purpose, it is wonderous in how it brings glory as needed.

As soon as I spoke this to my husband aloud, I realized the words I had spoken. I also realized I had made one good connection to the source of this trait. With that, I knew the Lord has moved through me a bit more to moving forward with life. I realized the Lord has removed another chink of chain, another mountain, another obstacle...

So, today the list grew...a fleeting memory moment, one good trait when used for the intended purpose of edification of the Lord...  And, now I wonder...what does tomorrow hold?


  1. It looks like a very strong testimony. Too bad my English is so poor, so I do not understand everything well.

    Peace and happy. Letitia.