Thursday, February 9, 2012

Puppy Caper the Rescue

Lab puppies from GA were found and had to be whisked away before the euthanasia monsters could get them...a new friend from GA rescued these beautiful puppies and their mommy...then found the daddy wandering alone and rescued him, too!!

The puppies were handed off to us at the state line to transport to the new foster parents, with mommy and daddy, too! My son went along for the ride as well. He made sure everyone was loved and petted while I drove. We road to another part of the state where they would be safe from being killed and the mommy could get her puppies healthy and strong. The mama doggy, Millie, road with the pups in the crate and Romeo Ned, the daddy, road alongside my son. 

Millie and Romeo Ned were whining about two hours into the transport, so we stopped to give them a potty break!!

Later, once back in the vehicle, Romeo Ned and my son settled right in quite comfortably for the ride and my son went to sleep. For most of the ride, my son's hand never left this dog and the dog settled in practically on top of him for most of the ride. 

We noticed by this part of the trip that one of the puppies, a smaller one, did not seem to be doing so well. When we arrived at our location of the foster family for these beautiful dogs, one of the puppies had passed away. My son cried for almost the entire two hour trip home over the loss of this puppy. We started the trip with 10 dogs and ended it with 9 dogs. 
Millie was very thin when found. She was very happy when her rescue angel found her and she ate a very hearty meal. She was and is a great mommy dog. We loved Romeo Ned's personality, and we fell in love with Millie and her pups.

One final picture of a sleeping puppy before she got kisses from my child.

A good and loving Millie watches over her pups. 

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