Thursday, February 16, 2012

Finding Grace when you are not looking...

So, lately, much has happened..and in all of this...we realize we have been under much attack from the enemy. Our friends and family are under attack as well.
That being said, we know the tactics of the enemy and know YHWH is greater than all. We may be under attack at times, but we would not be under attack if our paths were not right with the Lord. And, His protection is OH! So grand! :) 

And my child is coming into the fuller portions of his Spiritual gifts and growing in his knowledge of how to use them.

And for as weird as it may sound, somewhere in this we have become the couple we used to look at and envy, or the couple people call for help and when they are need. I am not sure when we became these people who are the responsible, turn to leave your kids with, take care of my baby, fix my car, I need emergency food money, I need help, can we stay at your house for safety...kind of people.

When did the Lord reach down and make us the stable couple? When did we become the strong ones? When did we become so blessed that I failed to notice the Lord at work with His unyielding grace?

I am thankful for what He does even when I fail to notice.

Somewhere, in my blundering about of this thing we call life, the Lord remembers us each day. For this I am thankful and blessed.

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