Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Messy Mommy Mondays...


I realized after I wrote the title that it was not Monday...it is Tuesday...Oh, well. 


  1. You seem like you are an awesome homeschooling mom. My feeling; both of these can be done the right way... and both of these can be done the wrong way. Mine attend in private school, so not sure where my fish would swim in the cartoon. I do know that my three fish are thriving and so is yours. It's our job to stay vigilant and stay aware.

  2. your fishies do appear to be thriving...my fishy was not, but is now...i would have liked to have homeschooled andrew in hindsight, but he really was no worse for the wear with public schooling...i just do not think it is for my child now...homeschooling works for us and we will not be going back...straight ahead for us until graduation... :) your fishies would be like you and jeff, they would make their own current in the seas...