Monday, June 20, 2011

CPR, Blackberries, Chicks, Jelly, and a Council to boot...

It was a whirlwind of a day today...

We were running on less than enough sleep this morning. Last night entailed reading the First Aid chapter of the Boy Scout book to the child to review with him for the CPR and AED certification training he took this morning. Finally, a little after midnight, it seemed as though even review had transpired as the child was engulfed in a meltdown. (Of course, his mother was not far behind him in having her own little meltdown as well.)  He went to bed, and I got to stay up until 3 am to grade papers for the online classes.

This morning, the child mastered his pretest to qualify to stay for the CPR training. Thank goodness someone understood that he needed the test read to him due to the learning disabilities and this was provided for. :)  I love that God is on the side of those who are true to Him. Jehovah Jiereh!! 

This gave me 4 hours to be able to get some stuff accomplished. I picked more blackberries before the heat of the day came on too strong. I was only able to fill half a gallon ziploc bag. I really wanted more. I did pick much more than this, but I dropped about half as many as I bagged. I was not about to attempt to retrieve those berry suckers from through the mass of vines and prickers.  I came home with more scratches and scrapes than berries perhaps.

Back home for the remaining 3.5 hours until time to retrieve the child, the chicky mansion received an overhaul. Complete scrub down cleaning inside and sweeping out of the house. I raked the run and put down fresh bedding chips. It was so clean and pretty. I shut the girls in their house while I raked out the run. This seemed to confuse them quite a bit. It was amusing to watch them turning their heads inquisitively to try and figure out what was happening to their establishment. The feeder and waterer were hung at a more stable location. The burlap make shift keep them in the cage covering thing that went from the rafter of the house to the pen edging was pulled away and tossed. The new plastic henny penny caging was unrolled and put up and affixed properly to keep them from trying to become free-range chickies and to keep predators out. It looked all quite nice when it was finished and the girls seemed to appreciate it. I am not sure if they really liked the new straw and clean run, or were just happy to have been let out of the house.

The cleaning spree was temporarily interrupted long enough to retrieve the child from the Scout church. He passed his CPR training and is certified in CPR and to use an AED. I am quite proud of him!! 

Needless to say after spending 5.5 hours outside picking blackberries and making the chickies happy under the direct heat of the day...and almost no sleep last night...and the child receiving little sleep as well...we promptly closed up the house and retired inside to nap for a few hours. We slept until almost 6pm.

Tonight the child and I have made our first attempt at making blackberry jelly. Two of the jars popped the bottom off while boiling to set the tops to adhere and be air-tight. So 8 jars of jelly quickly became 6. We decided if it works, one will be ours, as one did not fill completely to the top and would make an excellent tester jar for us to use here. I am hopeful these set and all will be well. Pickles are next on the canning agenda.

Final note tonight is to note that I am now appointed to the council!!  I can't speak on this much yet, as some don't understand this new chapter of my life, so we are proceeding down this road carefully and making small revelations over time.

All in all a great day...I wonder if CPR training and the first aid chapter of the Boy Scout book and canning apply to some form of the homeschool curriculum?  I think I will check the science curriculum tomorrow to see if any of the first aid stuff applies. Mmmmhhhmmmm!!

Maybe the jars of jelly can be kept to place in the baskets we weaved last week as a home craft together!!

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