Wednesday, November 27, 2013

reinforcing the chicken yard

This summer a tree fell and took out a large section of the chicken yard fencing and part of the coop itself. We built back a fence to get the chickens back into the coop as soon as possible, but knew the fencing would be temporary. I came up with this idea that it would be good to have sections of fence that would be permanently affixed to the fence posts, but each independent of each other. If something is to fall or damage a section, it can be easily repaired or replaced. I used most of the wood we had laying around that I had left over from other varying projects. I spent like $50 total I think in the end with the wood I had to buy to finish off the project. Each section is framed together and then I recycled netting and fencing we already had to cover each frame. Each frame is then screwed permanently to the post and then the pieces have scrap wood or extra fencing between the frame pieces to close the gaps. It sounds more complicated a process than it actually was. As usual, something I come up with in my head and have all planned out was difficult to explain to my husband and son and they did not really understand what I was doing until it started to come together at the end. I did most of this alone. Sierra helped on one frame when she came over to visit. My son and husband did pound in some posts for me and helped me move some of the frames in position.
 Here some frames have been screwed together. Of course, no chore outdoors (or in) would be complete without a dog to assist. Here Cassie is helping by making sure she stays out of the way. :)
YaYa just laid nearby!  She is keeping the ground warm!
 Sierra helped to hammer the staple hooks to hold in the netting.
 We had to take a break to hold some chickens and show them how much we love them! This is a barred rock hen I had been given recently by a student I tutor. This is Itty.
 Here Sierra is holding Bitty.
 And more hammering. :)  She hammered more wood than staple, but she helped! And, she is learning. :)
 Here, one of the frames is affixed to the post. I placed it around the existing fencing and took down the existing fencing in sections. The netting or fencing material was then reused for the newer frames.
 This shows how each section is separate from the others, affixed to its own posts with its own netting or fencing material on it. Each is a stand alone.
 At first I zipped tied them together, until I could put something more permanent in the gap.
 This is the final project. It is not finished. I still need to work on some gaps and such, but nothing is big enough for the chickens to get through.
 Another shot...yes, I am aware I still need to pick up the excess items from the project.
 The lock on the door/gate.
 Chickens waiting patiently - for food or attention.
 These are two of the "hens" I bought this fall with Golden in the front.
 Alas, my "hens" are roos.

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