Friday, November 1, 2013

Making a Tincture

On a recent field trip, I found some plantain and became gleefully happy!! 

I cleaned up the plantain and patted it dry and then left it to dry to flake it later.
The dried herb was crushed with the mortar and pestle.  

It was turned out on to a paper towel to look for too big or grainy pieces.
The crushed herb was placed in a small jar.
40 proof was added. The alcohol of choice is vodka, but I used tequila here. As long as the proof is high enough, it will be fine.  
Then the liquid and herb was set to the side for about two weeks. It was shaken every now and then to stir the contents.
This is the container, before being strained, after two weeks.
The contents were strained through a double (clean) cloth.
 The strained liquid is captured in a bowl beneath the strainer.
The liquid is poured into the cleaned & sterilized container.
And, then you have tincture to put away in the cupboard for boo-boos and ouchies!


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